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 Poetul Slaven Trebovac s-a născut la 30 noiembrie 1977 la Prijedor (Bosnia și Herțegovina). A absolvit filosofia la Facultatea de Filosofie din Belgrad. Lucrarea sa de absolvire a fost publicată într-o formă prescurtată în „Krajina” Banja Luka (Bosnia și Herțegovina), septembrie 2010, și a fost citită și ascultată prin Radio Belgrad.

 De asemenea, el a scris și textele „Milk”, transmise la Radio Belgrad în 2008. „Structuri de comunicare epice în drama lui Brecht The Threepenny Opera” (în Pregătire pentru publicare, lucrare citită la Radio Belgrad, iunie 2014).

 A absolvit Facultatea de Arte Dramatice (FDU) din Belgrad (Serbia) în 2013. Ca student a studiat actoria la Teatrul Cedubal din Banja Luka (2001), la Teatrul Academic Branko Krsmanovic din Belgrad (2006-2012) și la Teatrul Dadov. Spectacole: Hamlet, Pescăruș, Numai pentru iubitorii de jaf, Cocoșul lui Picasso, Așteptarea nouă, Suicid, Schelă. A primit un premiu pentru rolul de Dorn în piesa The Seagull.

 A jucat în diferite filme pentru copii: „Mâini“, „Adânc în pădure“, „Răpire“ (în regia lui Zoran Radonjic) și în lungmetrajul „Falsificator“ (Goran Markovic, 2012).

 Autor de poezii. Este medaliat, distins cu diferite premii: „Poezia lumii” la Campionatele Mondiale de Poezie - Campionatul Mondial de Poezie (București) și pentru o realizare specială în literatura mondială la Festivalul Odyssey 2019 (Craiova-România). El face parte din Antologia poeților lumii, cu lucrarea „Pentru tineri și treziți”.

 Ocazional lucrează ca profesor, predând discipline filozofice în diferite licee. Este pe cale să termine fizioterapia la Școala Superioară de Medicină (Colegiul Prijedor). Locuiește în Prijedor (Bosnia și Herțegovina)


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   I' ve been missing you

       by Gordana SARIC


I've been missinh you my endless longing

And mild evenings on your chest 

When we weaved treads of insomnia

While serenityspreading in our eyes.


I embrace your absence with all my being

Longing for your words that warm my soul

While you hug me like hugging a child

And kepping my dreams with moonlight.


Oh, my only love, in this speechless time

From hundreds of springs my desire drinks

And thirst is burning for your presence

Like treasure hidden deep in my heart.


In bed of my burning longing

I count kisses thrown on my body

And thousands of hands of my sleeplessness

With tenderness of stars are hugging you


All parts of my heart are filled with you

With clear smile I gilded my sight

Your eyes are conveyed in mine

and my soul is settled with you.


     Mi-a fost dor de tine


Mi-am pierdut dorul nesfârșit

și serile blânde pe pieptul tău

când, am țesut trepte de insomnie

în timp ce, seninătatea se întinde în ochii noștri.


Îți îmbrățișez lipsa cu toată ființa mea,

tânjesc după cuvintele tale care îmi încălzesc sufletul;

în timp ce, mă îmbrățișezi ca un copil,

visele-mi zâmbesc cu lumina lunii.


O, singura mea iubire, în acest timp fără grai

din sute de izvoare mi se bea dorința

și setea îți arde prezența

ca o comoară ascunsă în inima mea.


În patul dorului arzător

număr sărutările aruncate pe corp

cu mii de mâini, neodihna mea

te îmbrățișează cu tandrețea de stele.


Toate părțile inimii sunt pline de tine

cu un zâmbet clar mi-aduci strălucirea-n privire,

ochii tăi s-au absorbit în ai mei,

iar sufletul meu este așezat cu tine.


Translation Romanian language, by writing teacher Liliana ROIBU

              7. august. 2020


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Erdha tek ti
Fshehtas si në baladë
Me një premtim të ri
Dhe një etje të zjarrtë....

Erdha se dot nuk prisja
Të zbardhte e ëmbëla ditë
Varkën e dëshirave ta nisja
Në galaktikë tek yllësitë....

Të ta preka lehtë buzën
Bashkë ta ndanim ne ëndrrën
Nën lekurë të ta ndizja shpuzën
Në dorë të ta jepaja zemrën...

Erdha sonte tek ti
Fjeta nën qerpikun tënd
Gjithë çastet e pritjes pa cak
Unë e thur e shthur në avlëmend

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Stygian Mills



I search for you

In the shadows, between the windows;

When the moonlit strikes right to my room

The mystical architecture that I long for,

Ablaze with the revolt of palm trees

Rustling through the beachfront,

Cinematically, I see the difference,

Your sheer dominance in my mind,

And I know it’ll be my lifelong paramour.


Oh, that dream is beauty.


I search for you

In the distances, between the calendars

For I know when you’re not here with me;

It’ll be light years to finger-count,

A must see different story

I have written for today’s musing,

It’s all about you in galactic scale;

But my heart resists, to weigh you

‘Cause you’re all that matters,


To me, evermore.


I search for you ‘til the dust runs out,

‘til no morsels of pain I could feel,

‘til all the wildcards to stay here with all your memories,

will leave me breathless.

‘til our shadows conspire again,

In the new Space that we’ll conceive once more.


Destiny gave me you, and me to you.



the verge



let the tumbleweeds

of Renaissance break off

in any way the wind blows,

beyond the horizon,

tantamount to the multidimensional Consciousness;

let the fractals

seize every inch of gestalt canvas,

to manifest reflections

of then and now

of here, there and everywhere

beyond the numbers;

let the mnemonics of archetypal breakthroughs

in our unembellished Reality,

uncover the unspoken languages

between mankind, nature and other creations;

let the tenets of beauty

flaunt in grace, in harmony, in truth—

the bedrock of all colors,

within the pores and anthems of Oneness,

the nexus of masterpieces in Us.






i am anywhere

in between the crevices

of unknown,

rewiring the spaces,

the spatial mess, my upturn dreams.


i am the host of outnumbered filaments

in the wormholes of rummages

that share spots of destiny,

in our certainty shadows,

like equidistant  home of tomorrow.


i am a step towards the line,

devouredcentillion dots of bends

while harmonic waves

come to your ears,

as you listen deeply.


i become the center of galaxies

because you radiate interstellar bridges

and  reciprocating spiral arms,

yes, memories linger

in my gravitational insanity.



River of Golden Intaglio



Watch my return—

Here’s the marker of hope,

Mezzotints between the mouth of springand roots of fall--

the once running rivers in my palms

yielding flagellations of realityturned into sewerage,

of darkened  jade and wizened faces,

untiringly, waiting  for halcyon days

whereyou-me become renewed and recalibrated

why you-me are collisions of aurora borealis in the poles of apotheosis,

guided by sacred sanctity: sound, time and geometry

myflowers of life, afterlife

will never wither but transform

the you-me kintsukuroi—

no matter  losses prick,

no matter  pains bend,

no matter fears break,

no matter ruptures mess,

the you-me destiny

are irreplaceable golden mends

in the multiverse.



Euphoric Diffusion



When the air gently kisses

and piercing my cheeks,

i remember your scent,


When the bed

Takes me to velvety,

warm, sheltered metaphors,

and put me into spaces

of no surrenders,

it is you,


in the streams of my being.


When the moon sighs

to the stars,

whispering goodnight wishes,

it is you and me,

suffuse in trance,

on our first honeymoon dance.


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SitiRuqaiyahHashim is the pen name of Malaysian born writer RokiahHashim. She obtained Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Drama and History in 1977 and continued her studies in University of Sydney,  And obtained her Post Graduate Diploma in Translation from Institute of Translation and Books, Malaysia with specialization in Literature Translation.  She was a lecturer in Institute of  Teaching Education for 20 years and taught Literature Translation in few institutions and university. Starting from  1987 her poems and short stories were published by mainstream literature magazines and newspapers.  She is also prolific in film and theatre critics and wrote since 2007 in her column and published a film critic book  KritikanFilemSitiRuqaiyahHashim in 2015 and some 250 articles.  A bi-lingual poetry collection titled ‘Katharsis’ or Catharsis in English and Bahasa Melayu  was published in 2015. The English - Spanish version was published in 2016. Her bi-lingual anthology together with 12 other world peace poets in English and Bahasa Melayu titled News From Strasbourg was published in 2017  by a leading digital book publisher Perbadanan Kota Buku, Malaysia. All translation into Bahasa Melayuwas  done by SitiRuqaiyah herself. Her  second bi-lingual anthology under peace poem  series together with 16 other world poets titled  Peace Be Upon You Davos was published by KulturaSnova, Zagreb (2019), Epal Tetovo/Apples of Tetovo (2019) Rerat E Sri Lavender (2019). Her works also appeared in numerous other anthologies together with other world poets. Her poems were translated into 16 languages. She is a prolific poetry translator and her works appear in many International magazines. She is a member of World Congress of Poets (WCP), Union of Bosnian Artists (UBU) and Perak Creative Association. Her poems won in poem festivals in Zagreb. SitiRuqaiyahHashim is also a peace and anti-war,human rights and environmental activist and is an Associate Author of Diogen.Pro Cultural Magazine(USA) contributes regularly for Poetrybay (USA) AtunisGalaktike (Brussels) IWABOGDANI(Brussels) Greenwatch Bangladesh, Campus 247/Ghana etc.




Tu dolor
y mi dolor
no son espejismos
de caminos paralelos de dos mundos,
son líneas punteadas
que unen nuestras almas
y se unen en tu confusión
y la mía
y no existe ninguna cantidad de versos derramados
que podría curar esta herida.




Your pain
and my pain
are not mirages
of parallel roads of two worlds
but are dotted lines
that link our soul
and united at last
in your gibberish
and mine
and there are no amount
of verses spilled
that could heal this wound.


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Милица Паулус е родена во Кавадарци. Таа завршила средно медицинско училиште како акушерка и медицинска сестра и  студирала компаративна книжевност, а подоцна дипломирала и  како писател и литературно пишување на Гете универзитет во Германија.

Милица Паулус е писател, поет, амбасадор на македонската литература во Македонија и во светските рамки, колумнист, есеист, публицист, драмски автор, литературен критичар, литературен агент, промотор, рецензент, организатор и спонзор  на литературни манифестации во Македонија, уредник на антологии, двигател и мисионер на македонската литература и мотиватор за пишување и читање, како на возрасните, така и на младината и на децата.

Милица Паулус,  е пријавена во Германија, како самостален писател и е куќен писател на  познатата издавачка куќа - персимплекс- Таа пишува двојазично, на македонски и на германски јазик.

Организатор е на повеќе од 100 литературни манифестации од кои голем број се и меѓународни.

Промотор и рецензент на повеќе од 150 книги.

Од април 2015 година е член на здружението на писатели „Манускрипт“ во Скопје.

Во текот на своето работење, учествувала во реализацијата на многу литературни раборилнци и проекти - домашни и меѓународни, како координатор и мотиватор.

Учествувала на домашни и меѓународни литературни конференции и читања во земјата и во странство.

Во 2012 година читала поезија во - Колеџ на Франција- ( College de France)

Нејзини трудови се објавени во многу меѓународни зборници и списанија. 

Учествува на многу меѓународни конференции и конгреси во земјата и странство а нејзините трудови се објавени во преку 40 зборници и меѓународни списанија.

Активно учествувала на - меѓународни саеми на книгата во франкфурт, Софија, Париз,Белград и Загреб.

Добитник е на многу сертификати, пофалници, благодарници, дипломи, плакети, како и на еден орден (неколку се и меѓународни) од кои може да се издвојат:

- Платинеста плакета (меѓународна) подржана и доделена од почесниот конзул на БиХ.

- Златна плакета за афирмација на македонската литература во домашни и светски рамки , доделена од академијата -Еуроарт-

- Златна плакета - амбасадор на македонскиот јазик- доделена од здружението за обединување на македонската култура - Македонски вознес-

- Златна плакета (меѓународна - Србија) доделена на меѓународниот фестивал - Месопотамија- за поезија.

- Златна плакета за целокупниот творечки опус, доделена од здружението за обидинување на македонската култура - Македонски вознес-

- Гран При награда за кус научен труд, доделена од академијата - Еуроарт -

- Гравитација - прва награда  за книгата - животот е поезија - доделена од - здружението на наука и култура - Нова-

До сега има напишано преку 45 книги проза и поезија- за возрасни, младина и деца и има учествувано во 25 антологии, а самата таа е уредник на 15 антологии.

Заедно со професорот Лозаноски напишале едно научно дело за Крсте Петков Мисирков и за македонцките работи.

Неколку нејзини дела напишани на македонски јазик:

- Парче љубов

- Душата зборува

- Животот е поезија

- Поетска одаја

- Трн и свила

Неколку нејзини дела напишани на германски јазик, кои беа најчитани во Германија во 2016 година на порталот - love books:

- Roxana  ( раскази за деца од предшколска и   рана школска возраст, а книгата е преведена на десет јазици)

- Königstochters Träne ( сказна за деца од предшколска и школска возраст)

- Das unheimliche Schloss Samira ( роман за младина)

Сите нејзини дела напишани на германски јазик

и издадени во Германија се наоѓаат во продажба во книжарите и во електронските портали на интернет.





Знаев, дека ќе дојдеш!

Облеков свилена кошула,

нашминкав ми очите луди

нацрвив ми усните меки

и запалив свеќа љубовна.

Да беше јаболко

ќе го скинеше!

Да беше јоргован

ќе го помирисаше.


штотуку разиграните јазици,

тие горат, печат, силни се тие!

Еј, ти ! Еј ди ди лудо,

лудо и шарено!

Те изедов со погледот

вџашен на твојата

раскомотена прегратка.

Те чекав да ми пријдеш.

Јас, така легната

со разголени гради,

со насмевка во очите

и среќа во срцето.

И, кога ти ја дофати

милоста моја,

ми ја подари машкоста твоја!

Таа по која чемреев,

за која копнеев

и на која се радував!

Ми покажа,

како се мачка љубовта

и како се пие

од нејзините извори!

Ме направи среќна жена,

па макар и само за тогаш!

Еј, ти!


повторно ќе облечам

свилена кошула!








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Anë e mban u asht ni krisma
tuj luftue për vatan
djemtë e nanave në mes malesh
fortë gjëmoj tanë ai ballkan
Cep më cep i ranë vatanit
nuk lanë shka për me u afrue
djemtë e Shqipes dy krenare
historinë me gjakë e kanë shkrue
E shume djem na i mori lufta
në moshë te re shpejt u shuan
vepra e tyne e pa vdekshme
e ndër breza ka me rrnue
Tash lirin ato e sollën
brezat ardhshëm për me gëzue
historin me mbajt gjallë
emri tyre gjatë ka me rrnue
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5103711864?profile=RESIZE_400xŠirom Evrope, književnici i kulturni predstavnici svojih država su tokom prethodnog vanrednog stanja putem društvenih mreža na različite načine pokušavali da ulepšaju svojoj publici kućnu izolaciju. Brojnim video zapisima, statusima, poezijom, humanitarnim radom nastojali su da osvoje simpatije. Upravo za svoj humani rad srpska književnica je dobila i priznanje.

U Republici Srbiji, eminentna i mnogonagrađivana književnica Božica Velousis je iz svog doma organizovala brojne humanitarne akcije i donacije. Ona je ujedno prezentovala i srpsku autorsku poeziju i sve ono lepo što nacionalna kultura Srbije donosi. 

Organizovala je niz humanitarnih akcija za građane prestonice, a neke od njih su u minulom periodu pomenute u domaćim medijima. Tako je dobro poznata humanitarna akcija za penzionere Opštine Čukarica, zatim žrtvama porodičnog nasilja, samohranim majkama, socijalno – ugroženim porodicama…


Tim povodom, za prepoznat nesvakidašnji doprinos, širenje mira, humanosti i dobrote u Srbiji i Evropi u doba pandemije Korona-virusa dobija nagradu. Sve to u okviru očuvanja mira u svetu, sigurnosti i ljudskih prava, odlukom predstavnika renomirane asocijacije „ World literary Forum for Peace and human right“ WLFPH, jedine slične organizacije u južnoj Aziji. Našoj književnici je uručena specijalna, internacionalna povelja. Povelja je u vidu sertifikata u kategoriji „ Zaštita od C19“ za sve vreme humanosti i posvećenosti kroz umetnička dela! Ovo priznanje potvrđuje da se književnica svečano zavetovala da ostane kod kuće i iz svog prostora nesebično neguje i održava kulturnu misiju.

Književnica smatra ovo priznanje počasnim u svojoj dosadašnjoj karijeri. Ona tvrdi, period koji je sada iza nas još dugo će biti aktuelna tema, koja će se u budućnosti obrađivati i ozbiljno istorijski proučavati i učiti. 

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Poezii de Tali Cohen Shabtai,Israel


Tali Cohen Shabtai, poète née à Jérusalem en Israël en 1980, a commencé à écrire de la poésie dès l’âge de six ans et fut une excellente étudiante en littérature.

Elle publia ses impressions dans le journal de l’école, puis dans une revue de littérature respectable en Israël, le « Moznayim », à l’âge de 15 ans.


Trois recueils de poésie sont parus :


– “Purple diluted in a black’s thick “ (Violet dilué dans un noir épais), bilingue 2007

– “Protest” (Protestation), bilingue 2012

– “Nine years away from you” (Neuf ans loin de toi), 2018.


Deux de ses livres sont bilingues (hébreu-anglais), et le troisième livre « Nine years from you » devrait être publié à l’étranger.

Les poèmes de Tali expriment l’exil spirituel et physique. Elle travaille en sa poésie le paradoxe de l’exil et de la liberté avec des touches de visions cosmopolites qui rehaussent son écriture.

Tali Cohen Shabtai a vécu en Norvège à Oslo et aux USA.

Elle se révèle telle une poète au phrasé singulier, dont l’accès n’est pas immédiat, mais où la compréhension rejoint soudain la clairvoyance.

Tali a étudié au “David Yellin College of Education” et obtiendra son diplôme universitaire de premier cycle.

Elle est membre l’Association des Écrivains Hébraïques et de l’Association des Écrivains Israéliens.

En 2014, Cohen Shabtai a également participé à un documentaire norvégien sur la vie de poètes, intitulé “The Last Bohemian”- “Den Siste Bohemien”, et projeté au cinéma en Scandinavie.

Courant 2020, son quatrième recueil de poésie sera publié en Israël et en Norvège.


Tali Cohen Schabtai (Israel)


Poeta  născută la Ierusalim în Israel în 1980 a început să scrie poezie de la frageda vârstă de 6 ani și a fost  o excelentă studentă la litere.

Și-a publicat impresiile în revista școlii, apoi, la împlinirea vârstei de 15 ani, într-o reputată  revistă de literatură “Moznayim”

 I-au apărut trei culegeri de poezie:

 “Purple diluted in a black’ s thick” (Violet diluat în negru dens), bilingv, 2007

“Protest” ( Protest), bilingv, 2012

“Nine years away from you” (Nouă ani departe de tine), 2018.

Primele două culegeri sunt în ebraică și engleză, iar a treia “Nine years away from you”,  urmează să fie publicată în străinătate.

Poezia lui Tali exprimă exilul spiritual și fizic. Ea elaborează în poezia sa paradoxul exilului și al libertății prin nuanțele unor viziuni cosmopolite ce-i redimensionează scriitura.

Tali Cohen Shabtai  a locuit în Norvegia la Oslo și în SUA.

Cheia de lectură este cea a unei poete cu o frazare singulară, înțelesul textului nefiind unul imediat, dar dezlegarea acestuia are virtutea de a conecta cititorul la  o subită clarviziune.

Tali a studiat la “ David Yellin College of Education “, obținând diploma universitară de ciclul întâi. Este membră a Asociației Scriitorilor Ebraici, precum și a Asociației Scriitorilor Israelieni. În 2014, Cohen Shabtai a luat parte, printre altele, și la un documentar norvegian despre viața poeților, intitulat “The Last Bohemian” – “Den Siste Bohemien”, și care a fost proiectat pe marile ecrane din Scandinavia.

În 2020  a patra sa culegere de poezii va fi publicată în Israel și în Norvegia.


A nose with multiple faces\Tali Cohen Shabtai

Translated by Eitan Medini


When I lean


Face downward

The peak of my nose

Looks like upturned nose



I turn sideward

My nose

Is long

And sharpen


When I am smiling


To an item

In front of me

My nose looked



I do have a multi faces nose


My cat\Tali Cohen Shabtai

Translated by Eitan Medini


There is a strange silence

Somebody died on the sofa

May be it’s not the one by me who died

When I counted the number of the dead

In this silence


She has stolen the death, very fast

In the breaks between

Inhalation and exhalation

No number of soldiers will

Worship the death of a newborn

Of 4.9 kg

Who has been to ashes

I have been with her

14 years.


Positive Psychology /Tali Cohen Shabtai

Translated by Eitan Medini


Giving thanks is the understanding we

Won something not necessary we

Deserve it


And a grace is the theological term -

To thanks giving, it’s a free gift


I have failed in this subject and confessed

That he hasn’t  rested me of

Empty words

And of

Another exploded admonishment.


Telle une thérapeute


Feindre des rôles en mon esprit – à l’abri de textes jamais

Écrits, à l’égard de celle, exténuée que je suis.


– Elle s’ingénie à exalter mon chagrin

Dans les ouvrages en repos prématuré

Sur les rayonnages de librairies

Où premiers sont les bourgeois à empocher

Le conte de fée paru dans l’édition du vendredi d’un

Magasine de gauche


– Elle ose m’embellir de la

Moindre analogie de poètes disparus

Qui écrivirent meilleures les comédies

De leur vie

Vierges imprimés et faux orgasme

Se dénouant

Comme leurs propres bourreaux


Mais elle, elle doit être prévenue ! (C’est une position statique)


“Une femme qui s’égare,


En traduction,

Ne sera jamais éprouvée à deux reprises,

Pas en ce scenario »


Extrait du recueil de poésie « Protestation ” 


Traduit en français par Pierre Ech-Ardour


Ca o terapeută


A simula rolurile în cugetul meu – la adăpostul unor texte

Nicicând scrise, în privința celei extenuate ce sunt.


Ea se străduiește să-mi preamărească durerea

În lucrările repauzate prematur

Pe rafturile librăriilor

Unde primii sunt burghezii care să profite

De povestea cu zâne apărută în ediția de vineri

A unei reviste de stânga


-Ea cutează să mă înfrumusețeze prin

Cea mai  măruntă analogie cu poeții dispăruți

Care au scris cele mai bune comedii

Ale vieții lor

Fecioare tipărite într-un fals orgasm


Precum proprii călăi


Dar ea, ea trebuie să fie –avertizată! (Este o poziție statică)


“ O femeie care se rătăcește,


În traducere

N-o să fie nicicând vătămată

de două ori,

oricum, nu în acest scenariu” 


din culegerea de poezii „ Protestation”

versione în limba română Geo Vasile


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Poezii de Armenuhi Sisyan, Armenia

Ու կթվա, թե ծառը փայտ է մի,
ու իր համար աճում է միայն:
Ասում եմ ես ձեզ.
ինչպե՞ս կարող է ծաղկել
ինչ-որ բան
առանց զգացմունքի,
դե փորձե՛ք հապա…

Երկուսս էլ ծխում ենք.
քեզնից ծուխ է
արձակվում ծխախոտի,
երկուսն էլ գնում են երկինք,
երկուսից էլ մենք ենք

Քնած էի ձմռան գրկում,
արևը համբուրեց ապակին
ու սահեց սրտիս մեջ…
-Մենք փոխում ենք
մեր ձմեռային զարկերը,-
սիրտս էր:
Անցում գարնանային

Արցունքներից, տառապանքից,
համբույրներից ու ջերմից
շաղախված կորիզ,
իսկ ու՞ր է միրգը.
միրգը ե՛ս եմ,
որ կերել եք վաղուց:
Ինչ լա՜վ է՝ կորիզը
կուլ չեն տալիս՝
հատի՜կ է, սե՛րմ է,
այնտեղ է հիմքը ամենի
ու չեն ուտում նրան…


Այն, ինչ տանում է
դեպի մոռացում,
այն, ինչ փրկում է մոռացումից՝
Այն, ինչ ծնվել է կորցրածից
և այն, ինչ կորցնում է
եղածի մեջ:
Այն, ինչ խոսք է հետմահու
և այն, ինչ ապրեցնում է նորից…

Չարածներիս համար
ինչ մեղավո՜ր եմ,
Աստվա՛ծ, ների՜ր,
թեև արածներիս համար էլ
պակաս մի մեղավորը չեմ.
օրեր տուր ինձ, որ բուրեմ
ու սիրով մերժեմ մեղքերը իմ,
վերջում մահով կվճարեմ…

Գիշերն արթնացա.
հեռավոր թակոցի
ձայն էր լսվում.
այդ երկրային
հրեշտակներն էին
թակում դռները երկնքի:
Ավաղ: Չկա վերադարձ:
Փակ են դռները:
Էլ չքնեցի:

Ու նորից անցնում եմ իմ
աշնան այգով,
ոտքերս սիրում են խառնել
մտքերս ցրիվ,
որ լցված են ճանապարհիս
տերևների տեսքով,
իսկ ես ճանաչում եմ նրանց
կանաչ, կարմիր ու ոսկեգույն.
բոլորն են դառնալու ոսկի,
որ ջերմացնեն սիրտը
մայր հողի՝
մտքերս երփնագույն…

Citeste mai mult...

Poezii de Božica Velousis, Serbia





Ono sto govorimo je ono sto mislimo.

I treba da pricamo,

dok su nam srca puna ljubavi.

Dobar covek je destinacija.

Ako nekad sretnemo to dete u sebi,

pustimo ga napolje,da se igra.

Da poverujemo jedni drugima

kao sto verujemo Suncu.

Ono uvek drzi obecanje

da ce se pojaviti svako jutro.

Nista ne govori vise o coveku od toga kako

on govori o drugima.

I dalje verujem

u reci napisane olovkom,

u izvinjenja,u to da se ljudi menjaju

i zagrljaje koji traju...

Cutnja je najtezi strani jezik.

Ali pre nego sto otvorite usta,

otvorite srca.

Precutati ljubav-Zlocin i kazna.




Ne mogu da vidim

svet tvojim ocima,

ali mogu da gledam

gde ti gledas

i da volim sto si tu.


Iz mog zagrljaja

ne mozes izaci...

ako te samo jednom


moj si zauvek.


I danas sam sebi

pricala o tebi.





Putevi se iskrive u osmeh,

drvece zazeleni u ocima,

a planinu udahnem svu.

Cetinarima zatrepcem,

nista ne brinem.

Niti paucine koje

zasijaju na suncu,

stvore se niotkud

i preprece put,

nevidljivo seku i dele dan.


Potmuli tutanj sa nebesa.

Reka bi na jednu stranu,

vetar na drugu,nebo viri,

kisa svira po svom,

granje prati igru...

Ja sam tu u prolazu,

ne znam sta se dogovorise.


Tamo gde su dve planine

vecno suocene,

gde jedna iznedri sunce,

a druga ga najneznije

zavuce pod kaput-

tu smisao razmrsti celo.




U dolini bedara

na mojoj kozi

iscrtao si jedan stih.



Bogatija za jos jedan dan,

snaznija za jos jedan pad.

zaljubljenija za jos jedan pogled...


Ove noci,tisine su same propevale.

Savrsena noc za citanje sa tvojih usana.

Citeste mai mult...



The Horseback Of Pains


He rode the horseback of his pains and

said to the trembling cloud Come, I

will wrap you with my sighs…

That I may catch my wounds red-handed and

my blistering fingers become drunken and

sticks break in the eye of the envious

and seasons jostle with colors...


Bitter Coffee


So bitter is this coffee

so bitter…

it smells like the body of whoredom

the fever of deceit

cruising amid the beds without oars or


Its sugar is bitter cactus… the heart of a colocynth...

The reeds crackled in the wildfire

The coffee spilled on the nakedness of the scream

A spike grew

turning on a protruding rock

The grass quarreled in front of it

jostling around the banquet

as sects and regimes jostle.


A firebrand From His Soul


He saddled a firebrand from his soul

and said to the spring water:

These fields are parched

and the banks around them are muddy

Go deep into their woods

before the petals sink in their lamentations.


A Flock Of Clouds


Early in the morning

before the mirror combed the sun’s hair she

sat in the balcony of her home

to drink her coffee flavored with the fetidness

of newspapers

the smell of dove’s dung pouring on her shoulders

A flock of clouds passed over her head

spilling the coffee on the table

tearing her daily newspaper

Not scared or troubled

she attended a wound in her hand-palm


as the flock of clouds dissolved in the air…

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Ležim ispod racvjetale kineske trešnje
zatvaram moje oči ,
osluškujem kako vjetar pomijera lišće,
i razmišljam o tebi
ljubavi moja
dok govorim vjetru
osječam naranđasti sjaj
treperi mojim obrazima
„Ako si me ikada voljeo,
ne ostavljam me ,ljubavi .Vrati se.
Srce ti udara kao ludo
vjetar mi govori
Živjeo je sa tajnama čitav život.
Ponovo jecaji u daljini .
Svi su te voljeli ,Sofija.
Mene niko .
A zašto ,ljubavi ?Šta sam uradio?
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Galina Italyanskaya, 42 y.o., from Russia. Galina graduated from St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical Academy

in 2000 and then studied Molecular Biology at Saint Petersburg State University, but now she works as an English teacher.

She has written poetry since her student years. First in Russian, and ten years ago she composed her first poem in English.

Thanks to poetry Galina found many good friends all over the world. Some of her poems were published in poetry anthologies,

such as “Poets Unite Worldwide” by Fabrizio

Frosini and “Our Poetry Archive” by NilavroNill Shoovro.


The Crown


Kings of the earth, don't be so blind!

Don't lose your poor mind!

The crown of Death is shining bright,

His mantle spreads behind.


Its scarlet baize with black and white

Has covered the world.

Kings of the earth, do stop your fight,

Wars in the name of gold!


While the pandemic's splashing wide,

The globe is getting sick,

You, cunning people, keep in sight

It makes your foes weak.


For people's lives without sleep

They're fighting night and day,

But “six feet under” is too deep

And late to keep away.


You want to benefit from it

Just to secure your thrones.

Kings of the earth, restrain your greed!

You're dancing on the bones!


Still, it's not you who calls the tune.

Get real! It's not your ball!

Nobody knows, but maybe soon

Your own crowns will fall.



Dancing Tree



Winter, winter, come again!

Bring a snowfall in the dawn,

Clothe the forest in your gown,

Bleach the conscience of a man!


I would flee to pray for us

From the town in the dusk.

Much to say and more to ask...

Icy silence - broken glass.


Through the forest white and still,

By the river sleeping tight,

Skiing in the ghostly light,

Sliding faster down the hill...


Childish dreams of fairness,

Freezing breath around my face,

Starlight, piercing through the space -

Cold is nothing, dark is less.


I recall a dancing tree

By the ski track long ago

In the moonlight, in the snow

Always naked, lone and free.


If it knew the fate of mine,

I would beg to tell me why

We must live in lies and die,

Cannot catch each other's eye.


But the snowfield of my past

Has been swallowed by the town,

And the magic tree has gone -

No more dancing, no forecast.



Beware of love that you cannot touch



Beware of love that you cannot touch with your hand,

No matter how smart and beautiful it appears.

You fall in there and build your castle on the sand.

Be cautious, or you will end up in bitter tears.


A lonely stranger, you’ve lost your road in the dark.

If only you met a signpost or saving light,

The warmth of a friendly shelter, a humble shack

To take a little rest and break through the night.


The sky above would be empty without the sun,

The moon, and the twinkling sparks of the other worlds.

But here they are to continue their endless run

And show the way and kismet to young and olds.

They highlight what is around and who we are.

We raise our heads and stare at them from the mire…


You follow me everywhere as your guiding star.

But I’m just an ignis fatuus, foolish fire.


Oh, crazy guy, you are breathing with your mirage

And who am I to advise you to hold your breath?

It may be fatal, you are half drowned in the marsh...

Yet there are things more important than life and death.


You carry on. You’ll never give up your way.

You tread your path regardless the type of soil.

Who knows, maybe all the suns are to lead astray,

While foolish dreams are to save your tenacious soul.

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Is a poetess from algeria, born in Guelma )east of ALGERIA)

She is a writer, researcher in the popular oral tradition and Journalist (member of union algerian journalists), also she was a former senior executive in "ALGERIENNE DES EAUX".

WARDA ZERGUINE has published 04 works, a book entitled :" ALANKOUD" on folk proverbs and popular puzzles, "IllUMINATIONS" about the revolutionary folk songs in Guelma region and "JAWAHAR" a second part of the folk proverbs and popular puzzles and the fouerth one titled "TIZIMUT"

She has participated in many festivals in algeria – tunisia – jordan  .

And has participated in different international anthologies : mesopotamia cultural center belgrade –serbia- on 2018 and  2019 , collection of universal poetry  "jasmine and love collars" in tunisia, indonesia and india.

She wrote and recited different poems in different languages : arrabic , english and french.





My confusion surpassed my suspicion

A day later…

In my dream…

Shadow spectrum…

Hold my hand

Pulling all paths forward…

Who interprets my friend…

A dream of a wounded heart?

Fall asleep for a moment

And show me

And show meIn darkness

Watch the shy dawn

I touch the wet face

In shuddering…

With Ice hands…

I overcome fear

It refuses…

And My legs refuse to flee…

Who interprets my friend

A dream of wounded heart?

My wound is tired

From a surgeon

I doubt my dream and my patience

In my release…

In my outburst..

In a dream

Let me dream, my friend

The wounded woman is not to blame.


Love at the time of the siege


At the crossroads of climb

Be my lover

O wave that carried me

Tide is no longer scary

And no longer in the doll fountain

Except your love

Pull me chest swing to you

From you picked up my wedding

I flirt with staying

O you who drowned me

Do you wipe off my maps?

Or pick me up from exile gazelle

For my seasons I love you

he said to equal text

Its depreciable text

I love you he said

Do not migrate except to my blood

You are my mirror to see me

I comb your pillow and sleep

Almighty says that I do not stay alone

I fear my estrangement from me

You be my compass to reach you

My love, you are the Transfiguration

If I have a love disk in my left

My love, you are a Lust for the character

If I have the texts of love with my right

I love you to be the beginning

And I love you to be the end.



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Poezii de Laura Melis, Italia




Dalla nostra parte possiamo vedere l'alba sorgere dal mare,

 con le sue notizie di cose nuove, abiti nuovi

 nuove tenerezze


Dalla parte della nostra isola si può' vedere sorgere il sole

 sui visi aspri degli uomini e quelli misteriosi delle donne

 sulle ombre superbe


ecco un ricordo

 una parola antica

 ecco quello che eravamo


Noi sardi

 fiori campestri di Barbagia

 gli unici di tutta questa parte della terra

 chiusi dalla terra

 chiusi dal mare


piccoli e forti veniamo dalle montagne ingrate

 bagnate dall'acqua

 bagnate dal sangue


siamo quelli veri della parte dove sorge il sole

 e qui il sole non perdona,

 non mente

 non dimentica nessun essere, nessun fiore


Noi Sardi, di questa parte della terra

 amiamo dalla testa ai piedi

 dal cielo all'inizio dei monti

 dalle rocce lungo tutto il corso dei fiumi

 sopra il mare


Amiamo immensamente chi merita I primi raggi

 che partono dai nostri occhi color miele

 dolci fino all'infinito

 dalle nostre mani ruvide, cuori ruvidi

 spalle toste


Amiamo il tramonto che ci placa un poco,

 quando lieto si allontana dolcemente,

 senza tragedie


Noi da questa parte

 dove tutto è' colore e forza


I sardi che non conoscono amori sfumati

 risate flebili

 deboli risvegli

 Barbaricini del verde cinabro

 del rosso vermiglio


forti nel ricominciare

 riiniziare da li,

 dalle valli ondulate che attendono I raggi

 dall'acqua salata che brama la luce

 dalle punte del monte che aspettano il sole


I sardi che non cadono

 e ricominciano dalla terra smossa

 che amano il tramonto dalla testa ai piedi

 ma preferiscono l'alba che è' sempre promessa di un migliore avvenire.


L'ultima stella del poeta


Noi poeti ce ne stiamo da soli

 il giorno e la notte

 seduti sulle stelle

 seduti sulle onde

 sopra ogni tetto delle città' deserte

 sui giardini d'estate,


Non chiediamo niente

 non rivendichiamo amore

 non contiamo quanto manca al dissolversi delle nostre mani

 e degli occhi stanchi

 non contiamo quanto soli siamo sulle tempie dell' oceano

 in ogni angolo di strada


noi stiamo,


seduti sugli alberi

 sui pensieri di ciascuno

 sulla fame del mare

 sulla malinconia delle staccionate invecchiate

 noi ci sediamo


e vi guardiamo

 e ci chiediamo chi si siederà' su di noi

 sopra le nostre teste

 sulle vite malandate


Chi lasciando la notte finire lieve parlerà' delle nostre prigioni

 e dei nostri sorrisi raccolti


Noi poeti, se lo siamo mai stati

 ce ne stiamo da soli

 il giorno e la notte

 seduti su ciò' che rimane di una cerimonia

 tra i piatti rotti e I bicchieri rotti

 sediamo da soli sopra i giuramenti veri

 e sui commedianti

 sui tentativi maldestri del parlare d' amore,


Ci sediamo da soli su tutto ciò' che non è amore

 e lo scagliamo a distanza e lo strappiamo

 lo lanciamo urlando agli incapaci


noi incapaci di viverlo

 noi esperti nel cantarlo


Noi poeti soli e malconci a volte

 soli e perfetti a volte

 noi seduti sull'ultima stella


 sull'inizio del cammino

 l'inizio dell'immensità'


Noi la notte e il giorno

 siamo gli occhi di tutti gli esseri divini

 gli occhi del mondo

 gli araldi dell' infinita bellezza che riposa ovunque

 dall'alto agli abissi


Noi di giorno e di notte

 stiamo da soli

 nel centro di ogni cosa e nel suo contorno

 a sfiorarla e nutrirla per mostrarla agli uomini

 saranno essi poeti di noi poeti

 quando siederemo sull' ultima stella?


Il sole



 non rimane niente di me se tu

 sparisci all'imbrunire

 dietro il Cusidore

 se le braccia tese si allontanano

 e tu svanisci alla fine di ogni cosa

 alla fine del mare

 e la quiete si spiega sulle onde ormai stanche


“ ci volevano insegnare l'amore”

a me e te che sconosciuti siamo stati

 per un giorno soltanto

 prima del nostro primo alito

 eterni siamo

 quando tutto è silenzio.

Cusidore è la montagna  Gennargentu



Quello che farei



La mattina ti porterei il sole in una tazza

 e fiori e miele d’api


I giorni sempre stretti


Ti porterei il mare dentro la mia bocca

 chiuderei le sue onde tra le labbra

 cosiche baciandomi sentiresti il fresco e il sale


e poi corbezzoli


 così tanti da pregarmi di smettere


Ti porterei la notte legata

 schiava di te

 come una bestia ammaestrata


e musica

 gigli candidi

 profumi di spezie

 e i visi dei tuoi cari sempre gai

 come non lo sono mai stati


Ti porterei giorni nuovi

 le mie attese

 i miei spasmi


Nei tuoi sogni innocenti

 nuotando tra colori perduti

 a discapito dei disillusi

 ti porterei uno spicchio di luna

 vivida e pulsante


Tra canti dionisiaci e maschere in festa

 ti porterei alla fine del mondo


Nella tua meraviglia

 attenderei così il nostro inizio

 il bagliore che scoppia negli occhi

 quando il cuore si sorprende.




Dopo I baci ci sono solo altri baci

 e dopo le rose ci sono solo altre rose

 le nostre hanno vissuto

 il tempo di un riposo

 riposa la tua bocca sulla bocca di un altro?


Dopo il sogno c'è' solo il risveglio

 e dopo le prime ore di maggio

 le mie mani e le tue imitano la danza del polline

 di fiore in fiore

 di gambo in gambo

 d'oro è il tuo ventre


E ti ho lasciato nell'acqua

 che era tua madre

 era la mia

 e il risveglio che non ci appartiene

 che dopo la notte c’è solo la notte

 e dopo I miei occhi a seguire I tuoi sommersi


E la mia carne

 dopo la tua anima

 e dopo la mia

 il miraggio di te sazio


Amore siamo esseri soli

 e abbiamo freddo da molto tempo

 che dopo la morte

 c'è solo la morte

 e I tuoi baci e I miei

 come impronte sulla strada

 restano al di là' del domani.

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Poetesse Fadhila Messai, Tunisia

سيرة ذاتية مختصر4418464903?profile=RESIZE_400x

فضيلة مسعي أديبة وإعلامية تونسية أصيلة مدينة قفصة

متحصلة على ماجستير البحث في علم اجتماع الأدب. .

متحصلة على الدكتوراه الفخرية من المجلس الأعلى للإعلام الفلسطيني.

على الدكتوراه الفخرية من معهد الدراسات الإسلامية بأوزباكستان

على الدكتوراه الفخرية من ناقبة نقباء السّادة الأشراف في العالم الإسلامي

متحصلة على الدكتوراه الفخرية من ّإتحاد منظمات الشرق الأوسط للحقوق والحريات.

سفيرة النوايا الحسنة و السلام بين الشعوب

حاصلة على جائزة أفضل شعراء و كتاب العالم في بنما سنة 2017

رئيس فرع رابطة الأدباء العرب بتونس سابقا

رئيس فرع الرابطة العربية للفنون والآداب بتونس سابقا

مدير البيت الثقافي العربي الهندي بتونس

ترأست فرع عرار بتونس.

من الأسرة المؤسسة لإذاعة قفصة .

1991 معدة و مقدمة برامج

كان لها شرف محاورة كبار الأدباء العرب

تكتب الشعر والقصة والرواية والنقد والنقد السوسيولوجي الأدبي وفي مجال علم الاجتماع عامة.

لها عدّة حوارات صحفية مكتوبة مع عّدة شخصيات أدبية عربية.

عضو إتحاد الكتاب التونسيين منذ سنة 2003

عضو إتحاد الكتاب العرب

عضو حركة شعراء العالم بالشيلي 2007

عضو مستشار لشبكة صدانا.

عضو بيت الشعر العالمي

عضو منظمة شعراء بلا حدود

عضو محكم بصحيفة الحرف بالهند التي يصدرها البيت الثقافي العربي الهندي.

ورد اسمها بموسوعة الشعراء العرب الجزء الثاني

ورد اسمها بالمصافحة الشعرية الشمال إفريقية 2018.

ورد اسمها بكتاب المرأة الإلهية للأديب صباح الزبيدي..بلغراد2018.

ورد اسمها في :عشرون رواية عربية ترفض الإرهاب وتلوذ بالحب لأحمد فضل شبلول

ورد اسمها في الرواية النسائية المغاربية:مؤسسة عبد العزيز آل سعود-الدار البيضاء

ورد اسمها في الفهرس البيبليوغرافي للرواية النسائية المغاربية 1954 - 2015 للدكتور شريف بموسى عبد القادر.

ورد اسمها في الرؤى المكبلة: دراسات نقدية في الشعر لناصر شبانة

ورد اسمها في إطلالات على المشهد الحكائي في تونس للدكتور محمد الصالح بن عمر 2007

ورد اسمها في من قضايا الشعر الحديث والمعاصر في تونس للدكتور محمد الصالح بن عمر 2008

melek ben amor : Des essais sur la littérature tunisienne

‎a pictorial poetry 2018

1st ANTHOLOGY WNWU IN KAZAKHSTAN: Temirqazyq – Best Poet/Writer 2017



في الشعر:

- امرأة من نار عن المغاربية للنشر تونس2003

- نزيف الثلج عن دار إشراق للنشر تونس 2010

- مقل الريح مترجما إلى الانجليزية من قبل المترجم و الشاعر نزار سرطاوي من الأردن و صدر عن دار الوطن بالمملكة المغربية 2015-

2018-مقل الريح، مترجما إلى اللغة الصربية، بلغراد.


رحيق الوجد طبعة عربية بغداد 2018

رحيق الوجد طبعة إسبانية فرنسا 2018


- معسكر الحبّ(رواية) عن المغاربية للنشر تونس 2007

صبريانا(رواية) عن دار غراب مصر 2018


الترجمات: الفرنسية و الانجليزية و الهندية و الصربية و الاسبانية والايطالية و الكردية و الأمازيغية



كورونا بقلم فضيلة مسعي. تونس

تمهل قليلا كورونا
قليلا تمهل
لأرى الشمس تشرق من كفي
لأشهد موسم جني الزيتون في عيني
لاسمع تلك الأهازيج الجميلة
ليأكل ذاك الطفل الجائع رغيف كلماتي
ليشرب القمر من فنجاني
مذ صرختي الأولى
مذ ضحكتي الأولى على هذه الأرض
كنت معي كورونا
أنت و نسلك
سلاحكم الفتاك
حربكم الكونية الثالثة
تخصيب جرثومي سينهي حياتنا
ليرقصوا فوق أراضينا
رقصة الثعلب المحتال
ليأخذوا خبزنا من أفواهنا
غازنا و مياهنا من عروقنا
في مكان ما من جسدي كنت تختفي
تعقد صفقة مع الموت....
تمهل قليلا
قليلا تمهل كورونا
لأحتفي بك و تحتفي بي كما تشتهي
قل أي الفساتين أرتدي
أم الازرق النيلي
أأربط شعري ذيل حصان
أأعقصه إلى الوراء
أأضع فوقه التاج
أم أجعله ينساب على كتفي كنهر السان
دعنا من المساحيق و الأقنعة
سأغسل وجهي من رذاذ شلال الشمس
سأطليه بالصابون
أليس الأبيض ما تريد
لك ما تريد
فقط لا تهرب من دفء قلبي

به دم فوق درجة الخمسين يتدفق
لا تهرب
فقط اسمح لي أن أكتحل بالليل قليلا
بعض الليل على الرموش لا يضير
اخترت أن آتيك حافية القدمين
لأرقص معك طويلا
طويلا سأرقص
كما تريد سنرقص
فقط تمهل قليلا
قليلا تمهل
لأنظم عقدا من سنيني
لأنتهي من مسبحة بيدي
هذه الحياة تشدني إليها
تخاتلني بقطعة حلوى
بزجاجة عطر
بضحكة تبدو كم هي رديئة
لطالما طلبتها
صليت و شكرت إلهي لأجلها
أنا مولعة بهذه الحياة
لا تجعلني يائسة و قانطة
لا تطلب مني أكثر
يكفيك ما أخذت
أنا هنا
بين أحضانك و لن أهرب
فقط اذهب الآن
اذهب ...كورونا
لا تستعجل رحيلي و ارحل
دعني أختبر سن الشيخوخة
قبل أرذل العمر هيا
قبل ضغط الدم و السكري
قبل القلب المفتوح و انسداد المسالك و الأوردة
قبل ضياع الذاكرة و رحلة الالزايمر المرة..هيا
ارحل الآن و ارجع بعد مائة عام
ليس بكثير هيا
سأجهز مصلي و دوائي
جدي قالها مرة
العمر الطويل كمن يمر مع ظل شجرة
لا تنفخ في نافور الرحيل
أنا قادمة لكن بعد حين
عند صديقتي الحياة
فنجان قهوتي لم يبرد بعد
سأترشفه و أعود
فقط ما يكفي لشرب فنجان قهوتي
ليس بوقت كبير
أيها الكورونا
تمهل قليلا
قليلا تمهل
لأقفز فوق سياج الغيم
كما البرق الخاطف مزقة من الأماني أخطفها
عنوة في عيني طفلة فلسطينية أزرعها
عهد على العهد
عهد التميمي تيمم حلمها قباب القدس
بنظرتها الثاقبة
بنار ثورتها
بكف تشهره في وجه من باع قضيتها
تحسن قنص الظلم في مسام بني جلدتها
في عيون كاستيليا
طفولة دمي تغلف أشجار الليمون
رصيف يعج بجثث الأجداد
برائحة خبز محروق في الأفواه
حبيب ينتظر جواب رسالة عتاب لم تصل
هيكل جسد الحبيبة لا يزال يتكئ الشباك
بيده قارورة عطر ووشاح من كلمات...
طيور الليل تعشش عند منحدر صفحة يكتبها آخر الشعراء
أسئلة كثيرة
أين ذهبت كاستيليا
الأمواج لم تجرفها
لم تقذف بها الرياح بعيدا
كان جدي يتسكع في حمرة وجنتيها
صانع المرايا لم يخنها
لم أره و لم أسمعه يقول شعرا في غير عينيهاو جديلتيها
وردة جدي الحمراء
محضية قلبه
أيقونة حروفه الغافيات في ترانيم الجدة
لا تتسلل سرا إلى قلبي
قلبي جزيرة محاطة بالماءتحاصرها الذكريات


A Parisian Evening


It was late in the day

The gulls of life were fighting the rushing evening,

ascending and floating

capturing their prizes from the sea of memories

the wild Parisian evening anchored its heaviness at both banks of the Seine

The Eiffel Tower spread its light in the gloom of the spirit

The Human Rights Square, crowded with lovers, searched for an ache hidden in the eyes of the gulls

I, the sad passerby,

saw me in the painting of an Indian who was

squatting against a wall

that supports the Seine Bridge

as the covered boats buried his pains in the river

A Korean celebrity passed by –

one of the Hollywood night women

running away from her name detained in a star

looking for a passerby like me who probably does not know what she does not know

Am I not an African despite my color

with an Arab lineage

belonging to my third world?

I may not know much about the Hollywood countenance

and the mystery of mosquitoes that imprison the boats.. and the boats cover themselves..

She addressed me with the joy of a slave who's been liberated from her master

Here, take my lens

Take photos of me that won't keep my track

She ran

laughed aloud

walked barefoot on the bank of the Seine

wallowed in its soil

sank in the water in her elegant white dress

flirted with a small fish

a beautiful transparent river star

assaulted by an intruder

Her face became like the sky on the night when

Al Rasheed Hotel in Baghdad was attacked.

His lens swept everything, both green and dry in its terrains

its curves

both its tempting and disgusting movements..

Paris, the daughter of the old continent

with her Seine

her stunning human fabric

her lofty, soaring tower

failed to hide a Hollywood celebrity

running away from her name

her light

and her star that holds her in captivity..

the clouds ate her face

the river before her eyes overflowed with her tears

she left me as if she were burying her body in my face

so that it may find its life

in my simplicity, madness and spontaneity with the gulls

From my eyelashes I made a boat

I stepped aboard and said to the Mediterranean: Move

Move above the foam of the dream

the fruit of pain

above my star trembling in my hand

sleeping on a sun pillow that had rolled down from my head

Move and take me where my mother moves

where bread is dry

prices are so high

the shirt is rough

where the salt of wrath dwells

where matchsticks made from the bones of son and father dwell

Here the rain is plentiful

the faces are graceful

the skins are


The City Staggered



In the heart of the fog

the city staggered like a drunkard looking for a wall on which to lean

The country's sin howled beneath its dust

From the fountain of her eyes it filled its pots and drank to the full

The Morning fell unconscious

The jasmine tree wanted to sprinkle it with her perfume

that it may regain consciousness

and light what has darkened in the horizon

The blade of the storm sneaked out of its sheath

It cut off the fingers of light that had stretched into a child's eyes in the vicinity.

The color was between black and white

Not dawn

nor sunset...

It was lead, which absorbed all colors

It became the color of the city face

The city turned into a bride of lead...

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Poezii de Nada Matović, Muntenegru

Nešto smo, a ništa nijesmo
Ništa nijesi, ako nijesi čovjek
Ako gazduju tobom,
to znači da slobodan nijesi.
Slobodan je onaj što slobodu traži,
što se ne skriva u garaži
između rešetaka hiljadu,
sloboda se zove ne gubiti nadu.
Čovjek koji sebi slobodu stvara,
taj za sve ima dara.
Zašto se praviti većim nego što zapravo jesmo,
a ne shvatiti dok ne dobijemo rezultate ništa nijesmo,
već samo zločinci
što u svojoj sjenci plutaju bez izlaska sunca i pravog puta.
Gledajući u živi zid,
pokušati nešto - većinu je stid.
ako ne pronađemo tačku na kojoj smo stali.
Što smo mi ako već ljudi nijesmo?
Svi vi koji ste živi, dok ste živi, živite.
Ako nam gušteri sa dna duše
po travuljini dana pluže.
Ako je zemlja izdajicama,
izgnanih iznad sebe,
a na kraju često budu ispod svih.
Najveći je grijeh praviti se veći od svih drugih,
a ne znati koliko smo zapravo mali
ako ne pronađemo tačku na kojoj smo stali.
Ulica zagrljaja
Zamislih cvijeće to,
počeh grliti ga kao da i ono čovjek je.
Ulica ljepša od avenija Pariza ili Milana
oh, ulica zagrljaja tih nema ključ,
jer nije zaključan nijedan stih iz duše,
ma koliko bio u ulici zagrljaja izgubljenih.
Neka ovo ne bude samo prećutani stih,
što je na krilima lastinim ispisan,
zato ne dam da taj let bude trajno obrisan.
Neka ta ulica postane štit od svih kiša.
Neka nauči nas da zagrljaje ne gazimo
niti da pored njih kao pored groblja prolazimo
i ćutimo kao da ga ni ne primjećujemo.
Umjesto da ljubimo ikonu svaku
koja nam se na putu nađe,
a mi u životu tražimo glumce
za ono što i sami glumiti trebamo,
sve znamo odglumiti osim zagrljaja
kao da prokleti su,
možda ne bismo ni trebali znati zagrljaju glumu dati,
ali kada ne znamo kako treba voljeti,
tu je ulica zagrljaja da nas sjeti
kako u zagrljaju može da se uzleti.
Zagrljaj jeste najljepši lijek,
ali ga ne proizvodi apoteka već osjećanja naša.
To je lijek za zlatne flaše,
a ulica treba da bude drugo ime naše.
Neka ovo bude lekcija za one što se zagrljaja plaše.
Neka zagrljajem razbijemo sve što ćuti,
neka mi se ulica zagrljaja zbog ove pjesme ne naljuti,
ne začudi.
Ovo je samo jedan pjesnički doživljaj
što čuda nudi,
neka svako na svoj način o njoj prosudi,
a ja neću dati da ova ulica normalna poludi.
Da li moreplovac umije da svira?
da li umije da čita slova sa santi leda i okova?
Da li umije da plete
ili mu samo želje u staroj posadi morem lete?
Da li drugog posla ima
ili samo bavi se starim brodovima?
Da li mogu želju moju da kažem njemu,
da li će je odnijeti na mjesto pravo?
Da li pamti ono što vidio je?
Da li zbog usamljenosti nekada svijet postidio je
ili je bez obzira na to vedar i čio,
iako misli da se u nedođiji izgubio?
Da li zna da muzika sve opušta,
ili je u nekom svijetu svom?
Da li zna gdje li mu je dom?
Da li zaboravio je na život svoj ili još živjeti zna,
ili mu je mrtva protrula lađa mozak pomutila?
Kao da sudbinu mu je naslutila,
a ja bi da naučim ga da snađe se u ovom svijetu ludaka
i da nema mraka
ako mi ne stvorimo ga,
naljutimo se na život i sve će biti bolje,
samo umjesto mraka nađimo volje,
kaže moreplovac, mudri, stari:
-Čovječe nikada sebe ne kvari.
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Fadhila Messai, Tunisia

 كورونا بقلم فضيلة مسعي. تونس
كورونا بقلم فضيلة مسعي. تونس تمهل قليلا كورونا قليلا تمهل لأرى الشمس تشرق من كفي لأشهد موسم جني الزيتون في عيني لاسمع تلك الأهازيج الجميلة ليأكل ذاك الطفل الجائع رغيف كلماتي ليشرب القمر من فنجاني مذ صرختي الأولى مذ ضحكتي الأولى على هذه الأرض كنت معي كورونا أنت و نسلك سلاحكم الفتاك حربكم الكونية الثالثة تخصيب جرثومي سينهي حياتنا لترقصوا فوق أراضينا رقصة الثعلب المحتال لتأخذوا خبزنا من أفواهنا نفطنا غازنا و مياهنا من عروقنا كورونا في مكان ما من جسدي كنت تختفي تعقد صفقة مع الموت.... تمهل قليلا قليلا تمهل كورونا لأحتفي بك و تحتفي بي كما تشتهي قل أي الفساتين أرتدي الوردي الذهبي أم الازرق النيلي أأربط شعري ذيل حصان أأعقصه إلى الوراء أأضع فوقه التاج أم أجعله ينساب على كتفي كنهر السان دعنا من المساحيق و الأقنعة سأغسل وجهي من رذاذ شلال الشمس سأطليه بالصابون أليس الأبيض ما تريد لك ما تريد فقط لا تهرب من دفء قلبي به دم فوق درجة الخمسين يتدفق لا تهرب فقط أسمح لي أن أكتحل بالليل قليلا بعض الليل على الرموش لا يضير اخترت أن آتيك حافية القدمين لأرقص معك طويلا طويلا سأرقص كما تريد سنرقص فقط تمهل قليلا قليلا تمهل لأنظم عقدا من سنيني لأنتهي من مسبحة بيدي هذه الحياة تشدني إليها تخاتلني بقطعة حلوى بزجاجة عطر بضحكة تبدو كم هي رديئة لطالما طلبتها عانقتها صليت و شكرت إلهي لأجلها أنا مولعة بهذه الحياة لا تجعلني يائسة و قانطة لا تطلب مني أكثر يكفيحك ما أخذت أنا هنا بين أحضانك و لن أهرب فقط إذهب الآن إذهب ...كورونا لا تستعجل رحيلي و ارحل دعني أختبر سن الشيخوخة قبل أرذل العمر هيا قبل ضغط الدم و السكري قبل القلب المفتوح و انسداد المسالك و الأوردة قبل ضياع الذاكرة و رحلة الألزايمر المرة..هيا ارحل الآن و ارجع بعد مائة عام ليس بكثير هيا سأجهز مصلي و دوائي هيا جدي قالها مرة العمر الطويل كمن يمر مع ظل شجرة لا تنفخ في نافور الرحيل أنا قادمة لكن بعد حين عند صديقتي الحياة فنجان قهوتي لم يبرد بعد سأترشفه و أعود هيا..ارحل فقط ما يكفي لشرب فنجان قهوتي ليس بوقت كبير أيها الكورونا تمهل قليلا قليلا تمهل لأقفز فوق سياج الغيم كما البرق الخاطف مزقة من الأماني أخطفها عنوة في عيني طفلة فلسطينية أزرعها عهد على العهد عهد التميمي تيمم حلمها قباب القدس بنظرتها الثاقبة بنار ثورتها بكف تشهره في وجه من باع قضيتها تحسن قنص الظلم في مسام بني جلدتها في عيون كاستيليا طفولة دمي تغلف أشجار الليمون رصيف يعج بجثث الأجداد برائحة خبز محروق في الأفواه حبيب ينتظر جواب رسالة عتاب لم تصل هيكل جسد الحبيبة لا يزال يتكئ على الشباك بيده قارورة عطر ووشاح من كلمات... طيور الليل تعشش عند منحدر صفحة يكتبها آخر الشعراء أسئلة كثيرة أين ذهبت كاستيليا الأمواج لم تجرفها لم تقذف بها الرياح بعيدا كان جدي يتسكع في حمرة وجنتيها صانع المرايا لم يخنها لم أره و لم أسمعه يقول شعرا في غير عينيهاو جديلتيها كاستيليا وردة جدي الحمراء محضية قلبه أيقونة حروفه الغافيات في ترانيم الجدة كورونا لا تتسلل سرا إلى قلبي قلبي جزيرة محاطة بالماء تحاصرها الذكريات
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Michela Zanarella, Italia


Michela Zanarellawasborn in Cittadella (PD) in 1980. Since 2007 shelives and works in Rome.Shepublished the followingcollections of poetry: Credo (2006), Risvegli (2008), Vita, infinito, paradisi (2009), Sensualità (2011), Meditazioni al femminile (2012), L'estetica dell'oltre (2013), Le identità del cielo (2013), Tragicamente rosso (2015), Le parole accanto (2017), L’esigenza del silenzio (2018), L’istinto altrove (2019). In Romania the collectionImenselecoincidenţe (2015) waspublished in a bilingualedition. In the UnitedStates, the collectiontranslated in english by LeanneHoppe "Meditations in the Feminine", waspublishedby Bordighera Press (2018). Author of fiction books and texts for the theater, sheisa journalist of Periodico italiano Magazine and Sheisone of the eightcoauthors of Federico Moccia'snovel "La ragazza di Roma Nord" published by SEM.Herpoemshavebeentranslatedinto English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Romanian, Serbian, Greek, Portuguese, Hindi and Japanese. Shewonthe CreativityPrizeat the NajiNaaman's 2016 International Award. Sheis an ambassador for culture and representsItaly in Lebanon for the NajiNaaman Foundation. Sheis speaker of Radio Double Zero. Correspondingmember of the Cosentina Academy, founded in 1511 by Aulo Giano Parrasio. Sheworks with EMUI_ EuroMedUniversity, a European inter-universityplatform, and dealswith international relations. ShewasPresident of the Italian Network for the Euro-MediterraneanDialogue (RIDE-APS), Italian leader of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF).HonoraryPresident of the WikiPoesiaPoetic Encyclopedia.


In thesebones

I travel

and I carry with me

thelittlesparks of life.

I unearthheat,

take in breath,

I love.

I want

to stay in thisskin,

I wantit to remain



I wantyou to erupt

out of me

and I want to know

the taste of the sea.



expanses and expanses of light

and the silent voice of time

thatcallsus to be part of life.

Ifeverythingcomes from the backbone of heaven


they are proofthatwe are in the world

togetused to the sun and rain

tolearn to embrace a sunrise

evenbefore the silence of the clouds.


Now the world


andcries with the eyes of koala on fire.

Poorearthwounded by men

andcondemned by the wind

yourlipshave no escape

from the verb of fire

resist the darknessthatpopulates time

getstrength in the sky

thatstillheals the days in the dawn

and light fills the skin of the clouds.


At leastsomeonepaysattention

to the gaze of the dead

asitgoestowards life

silenceis no stranger

thatrests in a cantilever on the shoulders

sometimesitlookslike a handthatgreets from afar

apassagebehind the scenes

theshadow in the sleep of the city

thatis to say - we are the sound

ofyourlanguage, the root

evenwhenyouignoreus on the ground.


Youseek me

inglances of August,

youthrowyour blue

on the edges of mylips.

Youcommit a pulse

ofmuscles and light to eternity,


smells of resin and sea.

You invade my life

with life

and with the retina

you call me love.




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